Wednesday February 10
6pm - 8pm
Aro Valley Community Centre

Join us to talk through what's new with Zinefest, what we've got planned for 2021, and our plan to become an Incorporated Society.

This is a public meeting, and you don't need to register, just show up.

2021 Draft Programme


From 6pm - 7pm

Over the past few years, we've been doing a whole lot of new projects. There's been our monthly ZIY events, collabs with other cool groups, launching our Vending Machine and way more.

As we gear up to submit applications for funding for the next year, we've been sussing out a plan for events which can build on the momentum of our 2020 programme.

This year, we're keen to keep doing more of the things you love. So, at the 2021 Hui, we'll be introducing the draft programme we've worked out for the year. This is your chance to tell us what you like, what you don't, and what else you'd like to see us work on.

Also, this is your chance to get involved! We'll be looking for volunteers to participate in all kinds of ways. Have you got a skill you'd like to share? Wanna run a workshop? Draw us a picture? Let us know and we can fit it into our programme.

Incorporated Society
From 7pm - 8pm

With all the extra projects we've been running, the Zinefest committee structure has changed a bit. For the first time, Zinefest have had waged coordinators running various projects.


This year we're keen to keep Zinefest connected with the community, and have more people involved in decision making. At the 2021 Hui, we'll be taking steps to launch Zinefest as an Incorporated Society.


What that means is, for the first time, Zinefest will actually be a registered organisation, rather than an informal group. We'll have an official committee or board who oversee the mahi we do and offer guidance.

For the average person coming to our events, this won't mean much will change. But for Zinefest, it means we'll have a structure which makes us more resilient to changes. People will have clear roles and responsibilities, and there's processes for everyone to have a say about how things go.

Being incorporated also means we can access new streams of funding, so that we can make even more projects happen.

As part of becoming an Incorporated Society, we'll be appointing Committee Members. These are people who's role it is to oversee all the projects that are running, make sure Zinefest is financially sound and step in to administrate where needed. The Committee Members can make calls about which projects go ahead, how to respond to major changes, and other 'big' issues.  The average, day-to-day mahi of running Zinefest projects will likely remain the role of the coordinator, but the Committee Members can participate as much, or as little, as they like.


The main part of being a Committee Member is showing up to meetings, listening to reports on what Zinefest is up to, and providing guidance. These meeting could be monthly, quarterly, or something else. The draft Constitution states that the committee shall meet 'As Required' - so it's really up to the committee themselves to decide how regularly they want to have meetings. Being a Committee Member is an unpaid role.

There's space for between three and six Committee Members. This includes a Chairperson, a Deputy Chairperson, and a Secretary and Treasurer (who can be the same person). If you'd like to be on the committee, it's helpful to let us know ahead of time by email, especially if you can't be there in person. However, you can also put yourself forward on the night. If there's too many people for the spots on the committee, we could either decide to expand the number on the board, or hold an election.

To be a society, we also need to have at least fifteen general Members. Being a member is a way to be part of the Incorporated Society without the roles and responsibilities of being a committee member. To be a member, all you need to do is come to our 2021 Hui and fill out a short form. Once you're a member, you get voting rights at our Annual General Meetings, where we talk through the year that's just been and hold elections for new Committee Members

Before we become an Incorporated Society, we need to confirm our Constitution. This sets out the rules and practices that Wellington Zinefest will operate by.


We've done up a draft of what this constitution might look like. A lot of it is pretty dense, legal stuff, but it's worth a read if you have thoughts about how Zinefest should be operating, or are thinking of joining the Committee.


A draft version is available here, or using the button to the right. This draft can be amended at the meeting, if changes are requested and agreed upon.

Draft Constitution