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2023 Stallholders

Below is a gallery of stallholders who took part in Wellington Zinefest 2023. A few stallholders chose not to be included or didn't submit information.

KC Zine Club
KC Zine Club, founded by Lipslap Zine, compiles the creative endeavours of Kapiti College students all set on creating new and unique pieces of work to show the world. There will be all sorts of zines from varying genres, all focusing on young talents from the Kapiti Coast area. Come and have a look, and hey, you might find a new small artist to support!
Landroverfarm Press
David Merritt runs the worlds smallest publishing empire comprised of a rubber stamp set, a stapler and a glue stick.
Arrow is a hobby artist whose works explore themes of melancholy, grief, and wonder, of being alive, of loving and being loved. In arrow's twitter bookmarks you will find fish teeth and cdrama fan posts (she is trying to learn mandarin). arrow loves the power of friendship and love to save the world above all!!
A group of early 20s teenagers decided to make some zines and art to express their navigation through life after education. They all delve into silly little dopamine hobbies on the side of big boy jobs serving capitalism.
Zach and Angelica
He writes and she draws and they're married and love making stuff together, especially zines. Sometimes the zines are digital and sometimes they're printed, sometimes both!
DeadXeroxPress has been self-producing comics across several time zones since 1990 and is the current home of the "Sup-Ho" comic series & Zombo Vertov.
Fionn Norgrove
Fionn Norgrove is an aspiring comic artist who focuses on historic and alternate reality stories. His most recent work 'Horses' tell the story of how the animal was domesticated in the middle east.
Ruby Crossan
Ruby Crossan is the author of the zine series 'Piggy Tits'. Piggy Tits, Bitch & Piggy Tits Learns a Lesson explore the modern feminine experience through prints, short comics and visual poetry. Piggy Tits is for bitchy titty enthusiast loud mouth crude messy obsessive bang'd up ladies lads human seagull wenches who are a little f****d up and a lotta f****d off.
Desperate Fun
Desperate Fun Productions presents Bemusement Park and The Efsitz: occasional zines about things that catch the interest of an amateur human being, in poem, prose, picture, and sometimes both.
Kawaii Knife Art
Kawaii Knife Art is a collection of zines and kandi jewellery made by a dissociative identity disorder system. Their work is inspired by y2k nostalgia, trauma and neurodivergent hyperfixations! Made for the emos, kandi kids, weebs and alty cuties.
Catherine delves fearlessly into the realms of surrealism, horror, and stylized portraiture.
Hannah is an up and coming Wellington artist. They specialise in model making as well as graphic and analog art.
Nova is a little grey cat temporarily assuming a humanoid form to pedal Dungeons & Dragons pinup art, the lamentations of a recently-turned vampire, and sticky note commissions.
Kelly Chang
Kelly Chang makes comics for all ages of original stories in a cute, humorous style. Her recent zine Pūriri is about a pūriri moth sharing a home with a native NZ frog.
Pinch is about a slice of life and a diy recipe that came from a specific place, person and moment in time. That was the cause for a delicious dish.
Luna and the Wolfgang
Luna and the Wolfgang is a one-shot comic written by Namun and illustrated by Shin. This Korean writer-artist duo has been cooking up a story of high school friendship and the supernatural. The story begins on a full moon when our protagonist Luna notices her pet rabbit Amadeus has vanished without a trace...
Isobel Joy Te Aho-White
Isobel is a longstanding stallholder at Wellington Zinefest and works as an illustrator. Izzy likes howling at the full moon in a forest at night and those biscoff coffee brioche scrolls from New world that come in family-sized bags in the bakery section. Izzy’s zines explore mana wahine, goddesses, and native flora/fauna from Aotearoa.
Venomous Feathers
Venomous Feathers is the small press imprint run by artist Fergus Nm. Venomous Feathers publishes retinal delights from Aotearoa and around the world, with a special focus on art that is colourful, confusing, and visually captivating.
emoji.swag presents the collection 'This Zine Is A Cry For Help' which articulates and illustrates the deterioration of mental health and the darker thoughts that some of us we have... whether we like to admit it or not. The ultimate aim of emoji.swag is to destigmatize these thoughts and promoting being less hard on ourselves as we navigate the world the best way we can.
Joe Harlow
Joe Harlow presents a collection of Zines documenting the lost history of the ‘Ancient Machine Peoples’. Each zine explores different aspects of these robotic beings long forgotten culture.
Vintage Mystic
Zeta (vintage mystic) makes illustrated zines about video games, Dungeons and Dragons, lino printing, and being a local menace to wellington. She had a stall at the zines only market, and may have started a small debate with her Animal Crossing rating zine.
VUW Zine Club
These are the zines of VUW Zine Club! Art zines, found poetry, protest zines, collage, and more!
People Against Prisons Aotearoa is a prison abolitionist organisation working for a fairer, safer, and more just Aotearoa. Their zines are full of resources, lived experiences, and inspiration for abolitionists and those wanting to learn more.
Ligia Horta
Ligia is a self taught illustrator, watercolour and hand lettering artist. Originally from Brazil, Ligia has been living in New Zealand since 2011. Their zines are made from my watercolour galaxies and other illustrations and lettering.
Moth & Wrenn
Moth & Wrenn are a pair of exhausted queers making art and poetry about love, queerness and disability while fighting for social change at the end of the world.
Zoology student and comedian providing a variety of works which incorporates her illustrations and writing into one. Come by to see brand new illustrations and zines such as 'The illustrated encyclopaedia of stupid injuries'
Trent H Baumann
Trent H Baumann is an internationally infamous humourist, nominated for 'Most Original Comedian' at the Edinburgh Fringe, features in The Birdmann and Egg and co-produces performance artists through Monfu.
M K Templer
MK Templer creates playful fantasy mini comics. Whether your looking for a dog with a big leg who fights crime or a cat with a cactus upon his head, she will have it all. MK also runs Ōtautahi Zinefest.
Bear Bear
Wow! Astounding artist "Bear Bear" is selling compilations of the "UrsineMundanity" comic. What? Tremendous stickers featuring your favourite bear and penguin?! Bear Bear and Penguin!! Yesssss, Get some!
Bryce Galloway
Bryce Galloway is an undead zine zombie whose Incredibly Hot Sex with Hideous People has eighty something issues to date. It’s a perzine, though not always. Honest to the point of hideousness. Also selling original music by Wendyhouse, tucked into comics that illustrate song lyrics.
Charlotte Page
Charlotte makes weird and wonderful zines about Star Trek, energy drinks, Wellington City and more. Expect to find a range of zines, prints, and of course Peak Cuizine and Electric Meat Vol. 2 - both Best of the Fest winners.
Darcy Woods
Darcy is a professional artist, illustrator and designer based in Te Whanganui-a-Tara. He makes zines and comics about his life.
Ella Casey
Ella has a variety of zines, from abstract printmaking to nature photography, with plenty involving small imagined creatures making their way through the world (and possibly watching you).
Handmade by Katrina
Handmade by Katrina brings you zines from the heart! 'My favourite Filipino food' pays homage to the creators heritage and celebrates the Filipino cuisine so you can cook up a storm at home too! 'Books I rated 5-stars on Goodreads' is jam-packed with YA novel reviews that'll give you great ideas on what your next read could be. And finally 'My cool Co-house is a children's short story that'll get you thinking about alternative ways of living!
TheKingKez makes fun zines, cute zines, esoteric zines, sometimes horror zines?? Illustration and comics of all kinds!
Mieke Masterpieces
Annemieke has a passion for native and endemic species which can be seen in her art. A keen conservationist, Annemieke utilises artistic expression to encourage discussion about our taonga species.
Overcom Magazine
Overcom is a literary journal that publishes queer literature and art from across Aotearoa. Issues come out twice a year, in February in August.
Rose Northey
Poetry Zines, writing prompt zines, bird zines.
Tara Black
Taracomics is a cartoonist and art school dropout. Their comics on offer at this zinefest will include a zine with fantasy role-playing games, comics from their substack ( and their graphic novel This Is Not a Pipe.
5ever Books
5ever is an underground publishing house based at Rebel Press, Trades Hall in Te Whanganui-a-Tara. We print, splice, bind and chop pesky dank little books.
Ashley Maher
Ashley makes silly little zines about whatever strikes her fancy. Zine topics range from cones to cats to cryptids.
Caleb Spierings
Caleb Timothy Zhen-Yang Spierings is an illustrator who loves everything fantasy and sci-fi. He loves to create comics and cartoons about little characters experiencing the important stuff: love, death, loss and exploring the world!
Christopher Wendt
Christopher makes pretty sad stories about pretty sad times.
Louise Beryl
Louise Beryl is a Pōneke based graphic designer with a love for pastel colours and typography. She is passionate about making the complicated simple, telling great stories and spreading positive messages with the aim to make a world a better place. She sells zines, sticker, prints and notepads - all with the common goal of bringing smiles to people's faces. She can be found on Instagram at @louiseberyldesign or her online store
Kooky Draws Things
Kooky makes things that will hopefully make you giggle, or go "this is the worst thing I have ever seen and I must now force my friend to look at it". Come see Kooky and pick up a silly zine or a uncomfortably sexy sticker!
chemfrogz is back at zinefest and presents a number of cool zines about autism, undead cats and trauma. joined by z marsh and her zine ‘gestation’ - a horror zine about a lady pregnant with some kind of entity who will destroy her from the inside out. also many stickers, bracelets and charms too!
Erin Ramsay
photoshop trash, film and tv essays, & trans reflection - a mess of personal longform content and self-taught graphic design
Sofillyletters is a designer and illustrator based in Kāpiti. She creates art and zines themed around her favourite things; books, plants, and pop culture!
King Clown
Welcome to King Clown - a queer, agender poet from Wellington. Despite the name, King Clown presents zines of poetry, photography, DIYs, and more.
So-Young Cho
So-Young is an illustrator based in Wellington. She loves to make zines about little ghost friends, coffee and eggs. (Sometimes all in one zine.)
Saturn is making haha funni comics
Harley Bell
Vigil and Vice is a poetry zine. It's mythological, mysterious and magical. It explores blessings and incantations.
Dylan Horrocks
Hand-crafted comics, zines, and booklets of varying size, length, and quality. Recent publications include Secret Door, a 64-page fantasy role-playing zine and other imaginary game-related ephemera. A selection of original comical drawings may also be on display for the curious to examine and/or procure.
A zine that emerges to reveal experimentation, madness, and everything in between. An eclectic mix for whatever reason.
Somn Martin
Featuring a wide range of work by Somn Martin, pick up a field guide for identifying clowns, read several autobiagraphical zines, or grab some wacky stickers and prints
Solomon and Florence
Dark and dreary is confused with beauts and cutes between brother and sister creators. Solomon Jack's scattered pen is informed by Ontological Pessimism, Reflexive Impotence and the literary works of Osamu Dazai/ William Burroughs/ Georges Bataille/ etc. Florence's pen has the necessary precision to contain everyday's subtle bliss and self-evident abstraction; it's life lived. But actually don't take any of this seriously at all; they're just a couple dummies who like drawrin'.
A neuro-spicy artist with many names presents zines as diverse as they are. Zines they have created include poems, art, reimagined tarot and wholesome self-love thirst traps.
Celtic Death
Celtic Death is one of new generation Metal band, founded by Reb long with Zane and Will, together we play our brand of Metal. Reb does the artwork.
TV COMPETITION : FUTURE FUTURE FUTURE, a comic/zine group that developed from the artists associated with Māpura Studios. and has, since early 2016, across three locations in Tāmaki Makaurau / Auckland has embraced the inherently autistic nature of cartooning, dissolving boundaries between words and pictures.
Emily Lyall
Kia ora, ko Emily tōku ingoa. I am a third year Māori Visual Arts student. My zines reflect my experience within te ao Māori 🐚🤍
Ego creates
Roll up, roll up! Welcome one and all to Ego's Genesis. Displaying a range of Zines that will unfold your mind. Feast your eyes on the marvellous Ego's Menagerie Tarot Set: A circus of creatures from another world! Learn all about the Good Word of Our Gourd and Saviour! It's not just a religion. It's a cult. Discover these and so many more mind bending zines at stall...
june moth art
june moth (they/them) is a queer neurodivergent Pōneke based artist who loves creating in a range of mediums with a recent focus on linocut prints and digital art. they make zines that are often personal and is inspired by nature and magical imagery
Stoneman Press
Stoneman Press is the dreamy brainchild of printmaker and poet MB Stoneman. Hand bound zines feature historical collage, themed bodies of work, handprinted old-school letterpress covers and etchings, mezzotints, woodcuts etc - all manifested at their HQ in Patea, Taranaki.
Chris W
Chris: Tertiary student. Making zines and such, stickers as well. New to zines but not new to life, being 20 years old as of writing this.
Nadine Anne Hura
Crashing the zine party late but enthusiastically, 1st-timer Nadine Hura is bringing her illustrated Spinoff essays, limited edition chapbook & other misc. mashups to the underground, hand-bound, collective-publishing revolution. Subjects disparate but deeply interwoven, mostly in English, a few in fledgling te reo Māori. Nau mai whakatata mai!
Catherine Macdonald
Catherine is based in Whanganui and has found zines are a great place to put those drawings you’re not quite sure what to do with - sometimes some words go in them too. She’ll have her zines on the table as well a few letterpress prints.
Jack Driver Photography
Wellington based photographer who loves documenting cities, landscapes and their totally normal cycling obsession.
Wildprogeny + Spawn
Wildprogeny is the ongoing persona of Anne Amber; Fervent wrangler of exorbitant objectives and insufferable wackadoo. They have decided to make a couple of zines. They have also decided to force their friends to have their work be perceived in this format. (⁠✷⁠‿⁠✷⁠)(⁠✷⁠‿⁠✷⁠)
Latin Cuirs
Latin Cuirs is a collective for the Latin American LGBTQIA+ and dissident communities, we aim to foster political engagement and provide a platform for sharing our collective experiences, stories and concerns.
Deadface is a web-comic artist from Auckland. He uses his own experiences with anxiety, relationships, loneliness, depression, and other mental health issues to create short four-panel comics as a form of art therapy.
Meow Gurrrls
Meow Gurrrls presents FAMDAMILY - a collection of poems and illustrations around family from the members of the Meow Gurrrls Collection. Also available on the stall will be poetry zines by Mary-Jane Duffy.
Kim Can Draw
Kim Can Draw (Kim Anderson) is a fan of 90s cartoons, collecting tourist pressed pennies, and reading all kinds of books. She describes her zines as brain farts, but they're usually quite considered and very serious, like the zine where she dishes the family secrets or another called 'Things that are good to scream into.'
Nate Oakley
Synergies between the analogue and the digital. Two zines focusing on the Pōneke soul captured through film and digital artwork to expose the Kiwiana culture that upholds modern Aotearoa society.
Frankie J
Frankie J- A Spunky Space Spore from the year 2000. Splatters your eyeballs with zany zines, inspired by the fantastic farout future, and the riddling reality of rationality! Oh... And TV.
Circular are a collective publishing the weird and wonderful. Expect the unusual from their debut zine launch of poetry and micro fiction!
Betwixt other horrors, superhyperpaper lurches forth from the primordial goo of animation, comics, drawing and painting. It is also the lumbering brainchild of Tāmaki Makaurau based artist Kenneth Merrick.
Donnyclaws: Multimedia Monster, Alt Drag and B Horror fan selling zines & prints.
Cassie and Ally
Two like-minded Fujos with opposing aesthetics create zines together. One a goth leather dyke, the other a sweet Lolita.
Tomollusk creates a wide range of works in all sizes, shapes and media. Zines are where he collects them together and presents them in one place.
Wellington based AAPPA-PAPPA is a multidisciplinary artist, dabbling in illustration, collage, paint, sculpture and metalsmith jewellery. When it comes to zine making, she appreciates a silly, low pressure approach and will prioritize nonsense and humour above all else. AAPPA-PAPPA illustrated the Wellington Zinefest poster back in 2018 and has been making new zines every year since.
Rei-Marata Goddard
Rei-Marata primarily produces multimedia art zines. They also enjoy writing fandom TV reviews, and reviewing heavy music in their series 'Distortion Worship.'
Brett Johansen
‘Tales Involving Brondo’ the fantasy comic of shifting perspectives on a monstrous shanty-town feud is washing back up onto the beach. Sitting on the table, alongside Chapter 1, will be the first wad of Chapter 2, which shifts perspective to follow titular Brondo himself with a simpler black and white style of precision confusion.
Cosmo Bones
COSMO BONES makes zines about big feelings. This year she will be bringing an abundance of Sad Girl feelings in the Sad Girl Bible, Existential Crisis feelings in the Saturn Return Scrapbook, Sassy feelings in the latest volume of Don't Stop Listening, and even Bisexual feelings in the completely unanticipated and never requested Bisexual Problems 2.
Dani Yourukova
Dani Yourukova is a poet and zinemaker with great hair and a bad personality. You could also find their work in various literary journals, if you wanted to.
David Tulloch
Food, drinks, (un)popular culture references. Comics and zines about all these and more.
Fancy Ladies etc
Zines about under-rated pop icons, crafting your feelings, dogs, and of course, Fancy Ladies.
Inkedyoda is a queer, disabled artist based in Te Whanganui-a-Tara. They are a frequenter of Wellington zinefest and they like to make weird little zines about being gay and sad.
Lilith is an illustrator and zine maker from México whose work focuses on activism, their feelings and most recently erotic art.
Miles Davitt
Miles Davitt is an Australian artist, animator, and zinemaker based in Te Whanganui-a-Tara. His work was shortlisted for the Broken Pencil Zine Awards in 2020 and 2022. He likes to draw funny-looking critters.
Placeholdernametag is an ever-expanding collection of zines and art, designed by Victoria Buchanan. Based in Pōneke, Victoria's work features the serious, silly and the macabre.
Tahlia Conrad-Hinga
Tahlia (also known as the workshoptahlia) is a colour loving wāhine with stories of women, birth, growth, dreams and seasons! Her zine DANCING explores navigating a life in seasons and a life in change. Her comics are inspired by her tūpuna wāhine, atua wāhine, and gentle monsters that visit us in our dreams.
The Freedom Shop
The Freedom Shop is a not-for-profit anarchist bookshop and info-centre with the aim to spread radical information and support DIY anarchist culture.
Thorn Richards
Thorn loves bugs! They draw hundreds, if not thousands of the imaginary critters each year and a select few make it onto the pages of zines, prints and more. Their making practice seeks to appreciate, honour and encourage a love for diversity and transformation. Thorn is a local artist, jeweller and tutor based in Te Whanganui-a-Tara Wellington.
Chantal McIlraith
Chantal is a tired and burnt out former student of Vic with a plant hoarding addiction and clearly has way too much time on their hands for the type of artwork they come up with.
Stray makes comics about their life as a young adult and artist living in Pōneke, featuring exciting adventures such as buying the groceries. She also creates zines about cats, her sketchbook, and more. You can also find the Comic Collective (an exciting group of Pōneke comics artists) collaborative zines at her stall.
George likes to make silly little comics all about growing up.
Jewelia Howard
Queer trans goblin who is probably napping or oversharing on the internet. They make zines about whatever their hyperfixation is at the mo.
Artemyiss is a 32 year old queer pākeha artist from Wellington, Aotearoa. They like tieflings, angels, fat babes and drawing queer and disabled characters having a good time!
Vincent Konrad
Vincent will have their usual slap-dash comics and friendly anti-social vibes.
Anya is trying to be brave and hold her ground by selling her work in person. She likes to make things that spark both joy and thought for her brain, hopefully others will enjoy it too.
Emma Shi
Emma Shi is the creator and editor of Lemon Juice - a zine on poetry form and breaking the form, aiming to inspire and encourage new ways of writing that cross genres and bend the rules.
Liz Platova
Liz loves making zines and is a regular contributor to Wellington Zinefest. Back with issue 3 of Dogs waiting outside of the Kelburn Four Square. Mr Cat 5 by Alex will also available =^••^=
Kate Ann Morris
Have you always thought dolls were just a little bit creepy? Come check out Haunted Doll Delivery by Kate Ann Morris. Find out about the haunted doll rehabilitation movement and how each doll developed their spooky reputation. Other zines also on this stall include: Reviews for Albums that Don't Exist and the Adventures of Bread Pitt and LadyFace.
Rosie Mazur
Rosie’s zines take the form of spooky comics about witches and zombies, poetic collaborations between friends, and more recently informative and emotive zines in support for Students Against Cuts.
Semira & Scarlett
Semira writes poetry and draws frogs. Scarlett plays minecraft and loves cats. They make zines together because zines are cool and people who like zines are also cool.
Mina Ziner
Zines full of colourful collages, pop culture critiques, true stories, wolf myths, fairy tales, gothic poems, k-pop idols, and fun facts about forks.
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