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CAT ZINE is a collaborative zine project dedicated to the cats in our lives.


The idea is simple: just send us whatever you've made about cats.


We'll combine all the submissions, turn it into a zine and print copies for you <3

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CAT ZINE is intended to be accessible to everyone, and so we're really open to what you can submit. Really, it just needs to fit on the page and have some connection to the theme of cats.

You don't have to be good at drawing or writing to submit for CAT ZINE. You don't even have to like cats. As long as things adhere to our code of conduct, you're good.

Submissions don't need to be new creations. However submissions shouldn't be stolen or plagiarised - they need to  be your copyright or publicly owned.

Some ideas for submissions are:

  • Pet portraits you've commissioned or created,

  • A photo and bio for your pet cat,

  • Fan art or written tributes to your favourite cat(s),

  • Cat facts you think are weird, cool or interesting,

  • Hate mail for cats you think are dicks,

  • Cat birthday, wedding or funeral ideas,

  • Advice on owning or dealing with a cat,

  • Local recommendations for cat-related organisations,

  • Rants on the environmental impact of cats on native species


We'd like CAT ZINE to include a memorial section to cats we've loved and lost. This is a space where we can pay our respects to cats who've died, whether recently or long ago.

If you'd like to include your cat in the memorial section, just send us your cat's name and a short written tribute (max 50 words). You can also include an image if you like.

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The deadline for submissions to CAT ZINE is 9pm on Thursday June 2.

To submit, all you need to do is email your submission.


You can submit as many things as you like, but we may not be able to fit everything in. We'll do our best to make sure everything eligible can be included in CAT ZINE.

From there, we'll start to work your submission into the overall layout. We'll send you a proof of how your submission looks on the page before we go to print.

In your submission email, let us know:

- Your name (anonymous is cool too)
- A social media handle or other link you'd like us to include when we credit you.



Visual submissions should be high enough resolution that they'll print neatly; if yours is too low res we may not be able to include it.

Please ensure that each of your designs fit comfortably a single, portrait A4 page - we aren't able to publish centrefold images.

If your contribution is too big to send over email, a link to a Dropbox, Google Drive or similar will work fine.

If you're not sure about whether your submission will work, or need some help, just
get in touch.


Text submissions must be in Word format or similar. We'll format your work ourselves, so don't worry about font size or layout.


Text submissions should be less than 750 words.



Unfortunately we don't have funding to pay everyone for their submissions, but contributors will receive a free copy of the zine. Copies of Cat Zine will be sold as cheaply as possible to ensure accessibility.

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In short - we had some money set aside to have a Zinefest afterparty, but COVID happened.


So we wanted to use the funding in a similar way, on production costs for something kinda general that everyone can be involved in. And you all seem to LOVE cats.


The intentions behind CAT ZINE are the same as those for the COVEN collaborative zine series we ran back in 2021.


That is - CAT ZINE is a community project, rather than something professional or commercial. As such, we're not expecting you to have highly developed or finessed work - we embrace imperfections.

The project has two objectives:


For the zine to be participatory and build community, rather than be impressive or sell large numbers of copies.



To document and show off the wide variety of styles and perspectives from within the Wellington Zinefest community.


Funding for the production costs of CAT ZINE comes from Creative New Zealand - thanks guys x