As part of the 2021 Verb Readers and Writers festival, Wellington Zinefest created a new project, titled COVEN: A Collaborative Zine.


COVEN is a zine series which brings together work by creatives in Aotearoa which explored the theme of witchcraft and the coven. Contributors shared poetry, short stories, illustrations, photography, spells and other work.


Originally intended to be one zine, the number and diversity of contributions we received led us to split the zine into four parts. Each of the four zines is loosely dedicated to an element - Fire, Earth, Water and Air.



This could be anything that can be printed on a page - prose, poetry, non-fiction, illustrations, spells, recipes or something else entirely.

We'll do our best to include everyone's contributions, however due to space limitations we may not be able to fit everything in.

Unfortunately we can't pay you for your contribution, but we'll provide you with a printed copy of the zine. You will also be credited throughout - unless you'd rather be anonymous!


Your contribution should either be your own work, or something without copyright protection - for example, Public Domain imagery.

The zine will be sold cheaply, and any revenue from sales will go towards covering printing costs.




The only stipulation is that the contribution has some connection to the theme of witchcraft and the coven.


We're open to wide interpretations of this theme. It may be that contributions explore adjacent but relevant topics in areas like alternative spirituality, healing practices and countercultural thought, as long as there is some connection to the theme.

The project is not designed to have a cohesive editorial perspective, but rather combine a wide range of different responses.



This is a community project, rather than something professional or commercial. As such, we're not expecting you to have highly developed or finessed work - we embrace imperfections.

The project has two objectives:


For the zine to be participatory and build community, rather than be impressive or sell large numbers of copies.



To document and show off the wide variety of styles and perspectives from within the Wellington Zinefest community.


As such, we're really open about what is included in the zine - as long as it connects to the general themes and can print neatly in black and white. Contributions should also meet our code of conduct.


How to Submit

The deadline for contributions is 6pm on Monday, October 25.

Email your contributions through to Wellington Zinefest at wellingtonzinefest@gmail.com.

Visual Contributions

You're welcome to submit as many images as you like, but do note that we're unlikely to have room to fit a large number of designs.


Please ensure that each of your designs fit comfortably a single, portrait A5 page - we aren't able to publish centrefold images.


The zine will be printed in black and white only, so colourful visual designs may not be appropriate.

If your contribution is too big to send over email, a link to a Dropbox, Google Drive or similar will work fine.

Written Contributions

Written contributions should be no longer than 750 words.

Please send your written contributions through as an attached Word document, or in the body of your email.



Funding for this project comes from Wellington City Council and Creative New Zealand.