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The point of this project is to celebrate all kinds of queer people that make up our community. Well-known people are fine to nominate, but so are 'everyday' people - someone at work, your uncle, your girlfriend... whoever!

You can nominate as many people as you like. We won't be able to fit everyone, but we have 16 places for portraits.


Nominees should live in Aotearoa, ideally in Wellington.

Make your nomination using the form further down this page.

Why Nominate Someone?


Uh, mainly cause it's a way of showing queer people in your life that you value them! Also it would be fun, and it supports the project of overall positive queer visibility.


Nominees won't get paid or anything, but they will receive a copy of the zine and a digital file of their portrait.


Ask First


Before you nominate someone, please make sure they are okay with it and have consented to being nominated. While it would definitely be fun to surprise someone with a portrait, we don't want to represent anyone without them feeling comfortable with it.



Nominations close at 12pm, January 1. Nominations will close earlier if all the places are filled up.



The four portrait artists we're working with will select the nominees they want to do portraits of. Once the selections are made, we'll email everyone who's made a nomination and let them know who's been chosen.

Local Queer Zines


Once the four Local Queer zines are produced, we'll make them available for sale. All the proceeds from selling these zines will then go directly to queer causes.

If one of your nominees is selected, we'll ask you for their postal address so we can send them a copy of their zine.

Nomination Form
Upload File
Upload File

Thank you! We’ll be in touch.

This form no longer accepts submissions.

Form Sections Explained

Your Name and Email

We'll be communicating any updates with you, rather than your nominee. So make sure this is correct.

Your Nominee's Name and Pronouns

This doesn't have to be like, their *government* name or anything. A nickname or just a first name is fine. Pronouns can be left blank if preferred.

About Your Nominee

Here, please write us a short description of who the person is and why you wanna nominate them. Tell us what they do, what you like or admire about them or anything else you wanna tell us.

We'll use this text in the zine, so don't include anything they wouldn't be comfortable sharing.


Even though it's going in the zine, don't worry too much about getting this part 100% perfect. We may end up revising and tweaking things a wee bit for clarity or consistency, but we won't change any details or anything massive.


Our artists will be using these pictures to draw portraits from. We need at least one picture, but you can upload two here. If you do need to send any more, you can email them to us.


Please make sure these are pics your nominee would be happy with us drawing from. If you aren't sure, ask them first.


This last box confirms that you've spoken with your nominee and they have consented to be included in the project.

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