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Stallholder Info


Hi makers! On this page, we've tried to cover everything you'll need to know as a stallholder at the Cost of Living Zine Market on Saturday July 13.

All our stalls for this market are now booked out. We're running a waitlist for anyone who'd like a spot - the link for this is further down this page.

This market is one of our smaller, regular themed markets held earlier in the year. For the Cost of Living Zine Market, we're encouraging our stallholders to find creative ways to make affordable zines.


Further down this page, you'll also find details on how to submit for the Community Table.

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What to Sell

Items sold at Wellington Zinefest must adhere to our Code of Conduct, which prohibits the sale of material which is deemed discriminatory or offensive. R18 content is fine as long as it adheres to the code of conduct, though bare in mind that there may be children at the market. We recommend you sticker any R18 content.


As a general rule, stalls at Wellington Zinefest must be selling zines. It's important to us that Wellington Zinefest remains a space that celebrates self-publishing, first and foremost.

Your zines don't have to be well-made or feature high quality drawings or narrative. We love and encourage experimental, lo-fi and cheaply made work zines! 

Other items like stickers and badges are fine to sell, but zines should be the focus of your stall. You're welcome to sell work on any and all topics, as long as they align with our Code of Conduct.



We're lucky to have the support of our hosts, Victoria University of Wellington Te Herenga Waka - School of Design Innovation Te Kura Hoahoa.

The venue, and its bathrooms, are wheelchair accessible. Because it's the centre of town, parking can sometimes be tough to find, so if you're driving do allow time for that.



Stallholders are asked to arrive from 10am in preparation for an 11am start. You'll have the time between 10 and 11am to find your stall and set everything up.


The stall placements will be laid out before you arrive. If you can't locate your stall, one of the Wellington Zinefest team can help you find it.

The market closes officially at 4pm, and you're welcome to pack down your stall from then onwards.


We'll provide tables for you to use for your stall, and we'll have these set up before you arrive.


If you have any specific requirements regarding where you'd like to be placed you can let us know on the booking form, or email us at We'll do our best to accommodate these.

You'll be sharing a 2.4 m long table with another stallholder, so you'll each have about 1.2 m to display your work.

Make sure you think over
how much space you have when you prepare your stall.

Quiet Hour

The market will open to the public with 'quiet hour', which runs from 11 am - 12pm.


This is a chance for any visitors who can't attend when our markets are crowded. We'll have no music and try to maintain a low-stimulation environment.

We ask that our stallholders keep this laidback atmosphere going by not hard-selling any of their work during this hour.

What to Bring

The key things for you to bring are your zines and a cash float. We also recommend bringing some signage which describes the names and prices of your zines.


People often pay with bank transfer, rather than cash, so some signage with your bank account number on can be really helpful.

Stallholders often like to decorate their stalls with table coverings and stands. These aren't essential but they can be fun. You can check out photos here of Zinefest Weekend 2023 if you'd like some inspiration.

Lastly, we'd recommend bringing some snacks and water to keep you going throughout the day.

Other Queries


If there's anything else you're not sure about, feel free to email us - - and ask. Please allow several days for a response.

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Booking a Stall

Generally, booking is on a first come-first served basis; Zinefest markets aren't actively curated, and everyone is welcome as long as they meet our requirements on what work to sell.


We've outlined the booking process below.

Submitting a Booking


To book a stall, you'll first need to fill out our booking form. This form closes automatically once we've reached capacity; once we're fully booked, we'll open a waitlist for any stalls that become free.

Once you've submitted a form, you should receive an automated email with a copy of your responses. If you haven't received this, it may either be that:

- it's in your junk / spam folder, or

- you didn't enter your email address correctly.

We do need to have your correct email address in order to contact you about the market. If you haven't received an automated email with your responses, please email us and tell us the name of your booking, so we can amend this.

Stall Confirmation

Payment details are on the booking form - you can find this on the automated email with a copy of your responses. Once we've received your stallholder fee in our account, we'll get back in touch and confirm your stall.


Please allow us a few days to get back to you on this, and don't stress if you don't receive an instant response - rest assured that if you've received an offer letter and paid your deposit, your stall should be secure.

Sharing a Stall


You're very welcome to share a stall with other creatives! We find there's about room for 3-4 chairs behind each table. Your stall can represent as many different creatives as you like. You only need to submit one booking form per table.


When we send you the stall offer email, there's space for each person in your group to submit your individual names, bios and imagery.


Once all the spot for stalls have booked up and been confirmed, we'll open a waitlist.


People who sign up for the waitlist will be contacted if any stallholders cancel their stalls, and will be offered to take their place. We encourage stallholders to let us know as soon as possible if they can't go ahead with the market, so that people on the waitlist have as much time as possible to prepare.

If you want a stall but missed out on securing one of the initial places, we strongly recommend going on the waitlist - spots sometimes become available for people on the waitlist.



Understandably, sometimes our stallholders need to pull out of participating in the market for various reasons. The stallholder booking fee is non-refundable, but we'd still really appreciate you giving us as much notice as possible if you can't go ahead with your booking.


With enough notice, we can offer your spot to one of the people on our waitlist. If you cancel at the last minute, it is unlikely that someone one the waitlist will be available and prepared to stallhold.



At this stage, all our stalls are booked out for the Cost of Living Zine Market. If you'd like to go on the waitlist to grab a spot if / when one becomes available, sign up on the Waitlist form below.

Community Table


The Community Table is a stall where the Wellington Zinefest team will sell your zines and comics on your behalf.


We'll keep a tally of what you've sold, then transfer your takings to your bank account. We encourage makers to have their own stalls, if they can - it's part of the fun!


But if you can't make it, the stalls are booked out, or you don't feel you can fill a whole table with your work, the community table is a good alternative.

What to sell


The Community Table is exclusively for zines and comics (we won't sell stickers, prints or other related materials).

We accept a maximum of three different zines from each creator. We'll accept up to ten copies of each zine.

Submitting your zines

First, we'll get you to fill out the Community Table form where we'll get your name, the names of your zines and comics, how much they cost, and your account number.

To stock your zines on the Community Table, you'll need to first get them to us. You can either:

bring them to us on the day, at the start of the market, or
post them to us at: Wellington Zinefest, 105 Rakau Road, Hataitai, Wellington 6021. Make sure they arrive in time!

You can pick up your unsold zines and comics at the end of the market. We won't return unsold zines through the post. Any unsold zines which haven't been collected at the end of the day will be added to the Wellington Zinefest zine library.

If you want to book for the community table, please use the form linked below:


How do I price my work?


This isn't something we can really answer for you; pricing is subjective. When pricing, make sure you consider the cost of paper, printing, binding and any other production expenses.

If you're interested in the budgeting side of things, this blog discusses how one zinemaker approaches pricing.


It's worth mentioning that zine culture centres non-commercial exchange. Rather than to generate income, zines are traditionally made and distributed for the purposes of self-expression, information, cultivating community and the joy of creation.

How many zines should I print?

Unfortunately this isn't something we can't answer, simply because there's such a wide range of zines out there, and they all sell differently.


Do you know another zinemaker who makes and sells similar work? Consider asking them what works for their stock.

Can I share a table with someone else?

Of course! Lots of people do this. We recommend a maximum of two chairs behind a half table, and three chairs behind a full table.

In the Booking section above, we've discussed how to book for more than one person.

Where do I print my zines?

Anecdotally, most zines sold at Wellington Zinefest are printed on printers at offices, university libraries or at home.


In Wellington, public printing is available at Wellington City Libraries venues as well as at a range of private, professional printers.

How many different zines do I need to have?

While you do need to have zines on your stall for Wellington Zinefest, there isn't a hard and fast rule about how many different kinds.


Additional items typically are paper-based - things like stickers and prints. These are totally fine to sell in addition to zines.

What counts as a zine / comic?

We won't vet exactly what counts as zine but we expect you to use your own judgement on whether your work fits the requirement.

We explored the topic of what counts as a zine last year when preparing for our Zines Only market. Take a look at the Zines Only Theme page for discussion on what constitutes a zine for the purposes of our market. 

Can kids stallhold?


Kids are more than welcome to stallhold, as long as they have adult supervision during the market. Please note that some of the content sold at the market won't be 'all ages' or appropriate for younger people, so bear than in mind when browsing the stalls.

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