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Below is a gallery of stallholders who you'll find at the Cost of Living Zine Market! A few stallholders chose not to be included or didn't submit information, so you'll find a few surprises ;) For more info about the market, click here!


Just making it up. Absolutely winging it. They are so sorry in advance.
Lizzie Murray
Lizzie presents the sequel to the Best Poetry Zine of 2022: 'Mix 'n' Match Haiku Zine', a new collaboration zine 'Day & Night' and something a little bratty... Zine brat Lizzie, winner of Best Poetry Zine 2022, presents the sequel to her Mix 'n' Match Haiku Zine', new collaboration zine 'Day & Night' and thinks you look lovely today.
Current Magazine
If you love fashion you'll love these zines! Current magazine's 5 fashion zines include inspiration, tips and ideas all about fashion on a budget.
Lara Frizzell
Lara is an illustrator and the creator of the comic webseries 'OH NO! Japan', a personal story of four chaotic years teaching English in the land of the rising sun. Her other interests include: cute things, yōkai, fish, anime, fish, DnD, and just about everything to do with fish!
little bird
little bird is an independent creative & Chinese-style brush artist based in Te-Whanganui-a-Tara. Armed with a bamboo brush in one hand and a digital brush in the other, they enjoy applying traditional painting, calligraphy & handicraft techniques to illustrate the fantastic mythology of the heavenly realms, the enduring tranquility of the natural world, and the simple pleasures of the every day.
Vincent Konrad
Vincent will have a bunch of whatever is lying around, and a fresh printing of the vintage yet ever relevant "Vincent needs work", a collection of cover letters written while at a WINZ 'training centre' ten years ago.
Andrew James
Obsessively recording everyday life in a sketchbook for more than a decade, Andrew’s zines offer a peak into these books, and teach you how to record your own life with pen and paper.
Rosie Mazur
Spooky comics about zombies and queerness - accompanied by colourful collage and bad poetry.
Eden is a kiwi artist/illustrator with an eye for colours and a heart for storytelling. She loves outer space, her girlfriend, and making art about little people exploring big worlds.
Kate Ann Morris
Kate is back at Zinefest. Mashing together her good friends humour and melancholy. This year she's playing with different types of paper and and paper as a way to build objects. Nothing over $5 on this stall because #costoflivingcrisis
Ela Key
Hi, I'm Ela and I'm eight years old. I make a magazine called Totally You, and I've made six issues so far. I also make other little zines, like the Sneaky Little Olivia series, and other ones that I draw.
Celia Paints
Presenting zines, stickers and art from a stylistically confused artist who can’t decide between drawing fun things in lots of colour and making zines about horror movies ✨
CRComics is back after a 5 year zine hiatus ended - returning with their Pingu fanzine and a brand new comic about autistic identity. 'Cost of living' (did you mean: Corporate greed?) sucks, loving Zines is free.
Mina Ziner
Mina Ziner brings you goth band fanzines, vampires and sword fights, wolf myths through time, Moomin magic, fairy tales, fork facts, and more besides!
shay likes orange
Shay is an artist and graphic designer based in Newtown. In their zines, they explore the themes of adulthood and the importance of giving yourself time to rest. In their free time, Shay enjoys drinking tea and painting cats.
Lachlan Callaghan
Lachlan is a recent animation graduate and a lover of sci-fi and cape stuff. That being said, his premier Zine is about a man's brutal fight for survival against a werewolf. Lachlan is also selling two zines in the form of a burger tutorial and a mystery!
Overcom Journal
Overcom is a literary journal publishing the newest and best of Aotearoa's queer literature and art. Issues come out twice a year
The Freedom Shop
The Freedom Shop is Te Whanganui a Tara's finest anarchist bookstore and info shop, supplying the discerning anarchist with pamphlets, books, zines, badges and other fine products for nearly 30 years. They write, publish, print, import and salvage anarchist and radical material new and old, simple and confusing, weird and straight.
Ghost is a VFX Artist by day and tinkerer by night. Loving everything creepy and cute Ghost is making zines and wood-cut prints alongside their friend Donny. While new to zine making they’ve loved creating these little collections for you and hope that you’ll stop by:)
People Against Prisons Aotearoa
People Against Prisons Aotearoa is a prison abolitionist organisation working for a fairer, safer, and more just Aotearoa. There will be zines about the prison system, the abolitionist effort, and creating a better future for all. Every sale goes towards this work, helping people inside and out.
Ashley Maher
Ashley makes silly zines about whatever strikes her fancy. Topics range from cryptids to cones to chickens.
TheKingKez makes fun zines, cute zines, esoteric zines, sometimes horror zines?? Illustration and comics of all kinds!
David Tulloch (Gunwallace)

David began making zines and comics in the early 1990s. His zines cover a range from pop culture, to family stories, to comedic cookbooks. His current projects include cocktail recipes and old cookbook reviews.
Jewelia Howard Art
Local trans goblin found infodumping about silly pop culture topics or sleeping under a rock somewhere probably.
Yooniss Arts
Yooniss's cats are back and this time its their winter adventures as they try to keep warm and toasty! There will be zoomies, eepees, and coldies happening in colourful ways, so please come by :3 Selling: zines, prints, stickers, and bookmarks.
Lousie Beryl
Louise Beryl (she/her) is a Pōneke based graphic designer with a love for pastel colours and typography. She is passionate about making the complicated simple, telling great stories and spreading positive messages with the aim to make a world a better place. She can be found on Instagram at @louiseberyldesign or her online store
Thơm Nguyen
Thơm Nguyen is a Vietnamese-Australian illustrator and comic artist based in Naarm / Melbourne. Their work often explores life through sequential art and tactile print media. They are really into Risography.
Bobby Brie
Bobby Brie is a Freelance Designer Illustrator based in Pōneke. They will be sharing ‘Abstractions’, a zine comprising deconstructed works and works in progress, alongside a selection of posters.
Benjamin Johnson
Three lines getting lost in a box. Perfect for those hard to buy for. Recyclable.
Anya Balayan

Anya is keen on making zines about whatever is bouncing around her brain at that time – whether it be sad or funny. She also is a big fan of her cat :)
Chloe Stephenson
Temporal Souls is a comic series, by local Wellingtonian Chloe Stephenson, that begins with five young characters in a world inhabited by powerful magical creatures.
Screaming Monkeys, helmed by Victoria the collage artist, offers a quirky blend of humor and surrealism zines. Known for their one-of-a-kind lighters, keychains, and badges, each piece reflects their unique artistic vision and love for the weird and wonderful.
Rachel @Rae.Creates.Rays
Mostly Zines about Lilith the Cat who lives in Mount Cook. Adventures, backstories and other cat friends. Also some Neopets, because why not.
Tara makes comics. They will have Book Dragons, collections from their Substack, a zine of comic role-playing games, and some badges.
Venomous Feathers
Venomous Feathers is the small press imprint run by artist Fergus Nm. Venomous Feathers publishes retinal delights from Aotearoa and around the world, with a special focus on art that is colourful, confusing, and visually captivating.
5ever books
5ever books brings you this year's fresh harvest of zines from its community and wider circles. Prepare to be surprised!
Kristeene's Zines

Kristeene Parkes lives in Wellington and has been a regular on the Wellington comedy and poetry circuit for the past couple of years. She is well known for her witty takes on being the straight, white geriatric spinster, in a world where "woke" used to mean the state you were in when the alarm went off in the morning, she's doing her darnedest to keep up. She got into creating zines though her love of the glue stick and ripping up old magazines, then coming up with sometimes thoughtful, sometimes funny and some future predictions on life, via zine.
VUW Zine Club
These are the zines of VUW Zine Club!
Laya Rose
Laya Rose is an illustrator who makes zines about plants, bugs, and books.
Kooky Draws Things
Kooky makes zines that aim to make you laugh! Come by for fan favourites like poorly illustrated comics of things they do to annoy their wife, and explict fanfiction about the voting mascot Orange Guy.
keira batten coogan

Girlz Brainz Zine is an annual poetry zine by keira batten coogan. All issues of Girlz Brainz will be available at this stall as well as a new zine project by keira called Winter Scribblings. Keira’s poetry captures their experiences of teenage-hood, gender, sexuality, and young love.
These zines will be "slice of life" oriented, featuring adorable little creatures to tell the stories! stay tuned!
Zines, stickers and other trinkets await you at RedDraw's little slice of Wellington Zinefest.
Art of Charizzie
Art of Charizzie creates zines which reflect their love for all things mythological, spiritual, and fluffy. With the "Noobs guide to..." being a series which presents cute ideas about a range of topics in bite-sized zines.
Boycott Zine Aotearoa
Boycott Zine is an Aotearoa based pocket zine to help you boycott brands linked to Israel’s genocide in Gaza. Created by Pinky & Laura in Pōneke
Multi-media monster, horror fan, future drag thing! Donnyclaws make a range of zines about drag, horror and personal experiences.
Sarah Mckerrow
Digital artist Sarah shows off a series of zines compiling pieces of art. A great and cheap way to decorate your space! Sarah will also be selling prints

Lukas is back with Eickhein Stories Part 2 continuing the adventures of our young mouse friend as she traverses her trial through winter at Eickhein. Come get Lukas' booklets, original prints, and other paintings.
Thomas Oates
Thomas makes zines about robots - without their help - and will continue to make zines about robots after the robots take his job.
Kate Seager
Pirongia raised, Pōneke based zine maker and all round creative human Kate Seager is known for her comforting black and white illustrations. Kate makes comic zines based on life as a twenty-something, her childhood, love life, and fond memories. She also makes digital comics which can be found on Instagram.
Ice is 22 and going through it. Their highs and lows, unfiltered thoughts, and unhinged moments left their group chat and made it out onto paper. They use their best source material- their daily life- to make relatable comics and remind us the best stories are the ones that have been lived.
Lalooona is all about things that are cute, pastel, and fun! She has a range of drawings from cute pokemon potions, to cute strawberry plants in the form of prints, stickers and zines!
Squibble Design
Squibble Design makes zines about art life with cats! Find them at the Squibble Design stall, with cute cat and artist-themed stickers!
artsy.bins focuses mostly on fun or light joke zines, with a specific interest in pokemon specifically, which is seen in their "Stoopid Pocket Monsters" zine series.
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