Class Four


In this tutorial, Charlotte Page discusses the history of fanzines and provides practical tips for creating your own.


Charlotte pays close attention to how science fiction, and particularly Star Trek, served as a running-off point for fanzine culture


Simply put, your assignment is to make a fanzine.


Luckily, this is a very loose definition and it means there’s a lot you can do.


Here are some suggestions:

Literary Fanzine

Write a short story in the universe of your choice. Take 2 pieces of A4 paper. Fold them in half together. Page 1 will be your title page. Page 2 is normally left blank. Page 3, 4, 5 and 6 (optional) will be your story. Make sure to include an illustration. It doesn’t have to be “good”! It can even be done by a friend (as long as you credit them). 

Comic Fanzine

Take an A3 piece of paper, do the classic zine fold, and fill it with a comic about or in the universe of your choice. 


Art Fanzine

Take an A4 piece of paper, do the classic zine fold, and fill it with small illustrations in the universe of your choice – these can normally take a long time, hence the small size!


Take an A3 piece of paper, do the classic zine fold, fill it with info. This could even be “fictional” info such as letters in character, stuff you make up to be canon. 


Front Cover

There are so many different styles for a front cover. I recommend looking online at pinterest, finding something that gels with you, and doing your own version of that. 



Have a go at reading some fan fiction! Or other fanzines to inspire you if you’re not sure what to do.

Back Cover

Have a twitter/facebook/Instagram handle so people can follow you. I usually use Instagram – better way of posting photos. Etsy for selling zines seems to be popular. 


Open dyslexic, Dyslexie large enough font for people to read, or Arial or yes, even Comic Sans. I could go on a rant about how people shit on Comic Sans, but it’s actually a really good font. 


Zine Library



This 'Online Books Page' listing has links to issues of Spockanalia from 1968 to 1975. Spockanalia is a fanzine for the original Star Trek television series.



This Myria.com article  offers a rough overview of the history of fanzines, and why they matter.



This article from the 1980s, posted on ClickAmericana.com,

offers a timely take on what constitutes a fanzine.



Fanlore is a massive, thriving wiki about fanworks and fan communities . If you're a fan of a movie, tv show or other media phenomenon, there's a good chance there's a fandom about it.