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A workshop on communication skills for anti-racist conversations.


12 - 5 pm

Saturday November 27


Aro Community Centre, 48 Aro St, Wellington

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Are you worried about the pervasiveness of racism in New Zealand?


Do you struggle when racist comments and conversations are happening around you?


Join us to learn how to engage with racism in ways that make space for meaningful change and minimise defensive reactions.


In this workshop, you'll get a chance to:


Develop skills to make quick decisions about when intervention is necessary,


Practice having conversations which can challenge racism in a way that is productive,


Focus on how to have loving relationships that also hold people accountable when they have views that can hurt people.

After the event, you'll be invited to contribute to 'Dream Conversations', a collaborative zine exploring the themes of the workshop.

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The workshop is free to attend, but places are limited, so you'll need to register.


This event can go ahead at COVID alert level 2, and appropriate precautions will be in place.

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The team behind this project are working in collaboration with Wellington Zinefest.


As part of the collaboration, we're also making three new zines which explore the theme of the workshop. Through these zines, we aim to extend the message and learnings of the How To Talk To Your Racist Uncle kaupapa.

The first zine, simply called How To Talk To Your Racist Uncle, is written by workshop faciliator Gaayathri Nair. It provides guidance on holding to hold effective anti-racist conversations. This zine has designed by, and features illustrations from, Lenny Zook.

The second zine is Dream Conversations, made up of submissions from our workshop participants reflecting on the workshop. The final zine is a comic by Daniel Vernon (@yeehawtheboys) exploring anti-racist communication.

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Illustrations on this page by Lenny Zook.

This project is made possible with support from

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