Wellington Zinefest x Freedom Shop

Radical Zine Series

Illustrator and Designer Call Out

Our August call out period is now finished!

Thank you to everyone who submitted.

We're waiting to hear back about funding for some more zines,

so hopefully we can run this project again.

The Freedom Shop and Wellington Zinefest are seeking designers, artists and illustrators to work on redesigning a handful of new and classic zines from The Freedom Shop archives.

These are paid opportunities funded through the Radical Zine Production Boosted campaign.


The zines proposed for redesign are fairly text and content-heavy, though the writing is important. We’re seeking creatives who can:


  • Reformat the existing content so that it appears less dense and more accessible

  • Add illustrations and other design elements

  • Honour the kaupapa of the original text, while making it appealing to newer contemporary audiences


Please note that this is a visual redesign - there’s no rewriting involved in this project.


The zines which have been selected for redesign are:

Are We All New Zealanders Now? by Dr Ani Mikaere

The Problem With White Saviours by Simone Kaho

The Tyranny of The Clock by George Woodcock

Click on the title of each zine to find out more.

The Project

This project has two goals:


1. To produce a series of radical zines that offer critical and inspiring ideas.

2. To provide paid work for illustrators and artists, especially those in the zine community.


These zines will be sold as cheaply as possible, distributed physically through The Freedom Shop and at Zinefest events, and made available online. Collaborating creatives will also be able to sell the zines through their own networks, though it’s important that sales are consistent with The Freedom Shop price.


As the titles vary in length and design requirements, The Freedom Shop and Wellington Zinefest will work with each designer to determine a fair artist fee. This fee will account for the time taken in each redesign project, and the funding available for this initiative.


Though we’re anticipating each zine will be redesigned in a unique way, we’re also looking for some points of consistency throughout the series.

Zines will need to be set up in an A5 format so that it can be printed on A4 paper and folded.

To keep printing costs down, we’re asking that the redesigned zines be produced in black and white, with a cover in full colour. We’re open to featuring colour imagery on internal pages where appropriate.

The Freedom Shop will manage printing and binding, though are open to ideas from designers regarding the publishing process.