Wellington Zinefest Weekend

Stallholder Info



Each stall will be 1.2m wide - half of a 2.4m wide trestle table. If you'd like more than one person to sit at your individual stall, OR if you'd like your stall to be positioned next to another particular stall, you can let us know in the registration form.

Registration Fee


Stalls are $10 each, which helps us to pay for table hire. Instead of bank transfer, this year we're asking that people simply bring us $10 cash on the day of the market. This means we won't need to reimburse people if the market doesn't go ahead.

On The Day


Stallholders can arrive from 10am to set up their stall for opening at 11am. The first hour (accessibility hour) tends to be quieter than the rest of the day, so this is a good time to take a look at the other stalls. We will start packing down the market at 4pm.

Liam and Lucy

Stallholder Checklist

Here's a checklist for items you might want to bring on the day. 

  • A float with a decent amount of change. We'd recommend you bring at least $30 in coins and $5 notes. You can get this from a bank branch. In a pinch, supermarkets can be good about breaking larger notes, if you ask nicely.

  • Snacks and drinks. You'll be on the stall for five hours, plus set up and pack down, so make sure you've got sustenance to last you.

  • Stall decorations. This includes ways to display your zines, a tablecloth, pricing and any signage you might want.

  • Your bank account number. Having this on display allows people to pay you through bank transfer. This can be really handy if people don't have the right change to purchase your zines.

  • A friend or two can make the day a bit more fun. if you'd like someone to sit on your stall with you, make sure you've let us know beforehand so that we have allocated you enough seats.