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The Freedom Shop Wall
The Freedom Shop

The Freedom Shop is an anarchist bookshop and info-centre which distributes books and information, based in Wellington. Formed in 1995, it operates on a non profit basis, injecting any income back into the project.


The shop has been based in different locations and mainly sells books and zines on anarchism, feminism, indigenous rights, ecology and a range of activist issues. It also carries patches, badges, clothing and music.

The Freedom Shop currently resides in a corner of the Newtown Opportunity for Animals Op-Shop at 162 Riddiford St, Newtown.

Their hours are irregular, but are always open on Saturdays, from 11 - 4pm.

Selling Your Zines

The Freedom Shop have a Zine Drop Box where they accept submissions of zines they may sell on your behalf. The box is accessible in the Op-Shop, even if the store isn't open.

Leave a copy of your zine, along with your contact details, in the box. Their collective will then review your zines and, if they approve, sell it on your behalf. The shop will add a (minimum) mark-up of 20%.

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Find out more about The Freedom Shop:

Website     Facebook     Email

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Red Letter Distro

Red Letter Distro is a punk rock mail-order catalogue-cum-‘occasional distro’ of curated zines, comics and artist publications from Aotearoa New Zealand, founded by artist, designer and independent publisher Kerry Ann Lee.


Since 2001, Red Letter has supported local and international zine makers through mail order catalogues, zinefests, art book fairs, exhibitions, talks, workshops and distribution networks around the world including Mexico, USA, Ukraine, The Philippines and Hong Kong.


2021 marks the 20th Anniversary of the distro, with the launch of the first-ever online edition of the catalogue as part of Printed Matter’s Virtual Art Book Fair.


Especially for New Zealand audiences, Red Letter is proud to present work by international publishing friends, Compulsive Archive (Milan) and Zine Coop (Hong Kong).

Find out more about Red Letter Distro:

Website     Facebook     Instagram     Email

Food Court Books

Food Court Books is a bookshop in Omārōrō Newtown focused on small presses, independent publishers, and zines. They work to provide lgbtqia+/indigenous/disabled writers and artists space to share their work.

Food Court Books is located at 84 Constable Street, Newtown. The shop is open 11am-6pm, Wed - Sun

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Selling Your Zines

Food Court Books also accepts zines in the shop, which they will sell on behalf of artists. They take 25% of the profits, so keep this in mind when pricing the work.

Drop them directly to the shop, where they will look over the zine and add it straight into their collection, or post your zine to 4 Essex Street, Aro Valley, Wellington 6021 with a note on pricing, contact details, and anything else they may need to know.


They are happy to accept anything that's not offensive–meaning, racist, sexist, homophobic, anti-trans, anti-immigration, and the likes. Swearing, anarchy, and sex-positivity are embraced!

Find out more about Food Court Books:

Email    Instagram     Facebook     Website     Twitter

Lucky Drop Vending Machine

Lucky Drop is Wellington's vending machine for zines, comics, stickers and self-published work.

It is managed by Wellington Zinefest and is stationed at various venues throughout Wellington. Lucky Drop sells A7 and A6 zines by local creatives.


Read the Lucky Drop page for more details.

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