Summer Blessing.png
Saturday December 12​

10am til 5pm

Newtown Hall

Corner of Constable and Daniell Streets, Newtown.

Free Entry • Kid Friendly

Wellington Zinefest presents Summer Blessing:
A full day of creativity to manifest a season of inspiration and abundance.

Summer Blessing is our last event of the year, a pagan / solstice / folk-themed day of workshops and a zine market.

We welcome you with open sketchbooks and invite you to bring your best energy as we respectfully nod to the celestial factors that keep our ball of dirt spinning.

Feel free to wear your special occasion robes and BYO drinks, runes, tarot cards and talismans.

Artwork by Darcy Woods.

Newtown Hall


The Newtown Hall is located in front of Te Ara Hou flats on the corner of Constable and Daniell Streets, Newtown.

More information on the hall can be found here.

Look the hall up on Google Maps here.


10am til 12pm

In the morning, we're hosting four seperate 'creation stations' - workshops on various creative activities. Guests are welcome to visit the different stations and explore the activities on offer. The workshops are free, open to the public, and no registration is required. Our workshops are all kid-friendly.

Flower Pressing

Kate will be talking through easy ways to preserve and press flowers, how to make your own simple and affordable presses and how to design gift cards using pressed flowers.


We’ll have craft materials available on the day for everyone to use and some pre-pressed flowers for everyone to make their own creations!

More details to come.

Badge Making

Local artist and zinemaker Jewelia (@Glaciars) is hosting this workshop on making badges, with the help of her very own badge-making-machine.

This is a fun, easy workshop with all materials provided to help you make a 2 1/4 inch badge decorated with your own art!

There’ll be paper pre-cut to size and plenty of supplies for you to art your heart out.

Screen Printing

The team from The Freedom Shop will be hosting this introduction to DIY Screenprinting.

Bring a tee-shirt or buy one of their blank tote-bags and they'll show you how to screen print. It's kid-friendly and fun.


Photographer Liz Platova (@Liz35mmphoto)​ will lead this exploration into how to make cyanotypes. Cyanotypes are a fairly simple technique which uses chemicals to create reproductions of photos, illustrations, silhouettes and other images.

Liz will go over the steps of the cyanotype process. From mixing the chemicals, coating the paper, choosing what to print, exposure/development and wash.

She’ll have pre-coated paper available, so that the workshop is easy and kid friendly. Development does require a little of patience.

People are welcome to bring something they want to make an image with, be it a plant, drawing on transparency film or other object that has a good outline shape. There will also be some stuff available to use for making an image as well.

Everyone who's keen to have a go will have their own 6x4 (postcard size) print at the end.

This workshop requires the sun to be out to speed up development. As such, it is weather permitting.

Liz made a fantastic video for us earlier this year on how to make cyanotypes, which you can watch here.


1pm - 5pm

We're holding a small market for the afternoon, with some of the zinemakers and creatives we've worked with in 2020. All are welcome.


Please bring cash, as we don't have Eftpos facilities on site. Some vendors may accept on-the-spot bank transfers as payment.

Click on the images below to find out more about each stall holder.