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Who We Are

Wellington Zinefest began in 2007 with co-founder Kylie Buck, and since then has existed in many different iterations.

In it's current form, it's run by a committee, and overseen by a board.


Our committee is comprised of people working with and for Wellington Zinefest on our various projects. Depending on funding some of this work is voluntary, other work is paid.


Currently, Liam Goulter is responsible for overseeing our programmes of events, projects and collaborations. In each project, he works closely with other people and groups from our community.


The Wellington Zinefest board was confirmed at the first Annual General Meeting in February 2021. The board are:

Lucy Black

Carolyn DeCarlo

Jackson Nieuwland

Sasha Francis

Ya-Wen Ho

Kathleen Winter

Bryce Galloway

Darcy Woods

Jewelia Howard

Rachel Lynch

Wellington Zinefest Board

Mission Statement

The Wellington Zinefest Board exists to support the Wellington Zinefest committee.


The Board bring their experience to offer supportive critical feedback on proposed initiatives. This has the value of representing the kaupapa of Wellington Zinefest should the committee be limited in scale, allowing the committee the confidence of knowing if and when initiatives have Board support (e.g. 2021’s publicly contested $5 zine market). The Board does not wish to compromise the autonomy and character of the Committee and does not issue directives.


Board members have no obligations regarding the day to day running of events but may choose to get involved in initiatives of interest or be called on to help out in practical ways.


Wellington Zinefest is an Incorporated Society

A society is made up of Members - anyone from the community who'd like a say in the way we're running things. Members get to have voting rights at our meetings and raise concerns to our board.

If you'd like to become a member of Wellington Zinefest Incorporated, just fill out this form with your name and address. Membership is free.

Thanks for submitting!
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