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Winter Zine Market returns in 2021!


Once again, we're in the atrium at the Victoria University of Wellington, School of Design Innovation on Vivian Street. There's spots for 60 stallholders to sell zines about anything or anything.

We'll open with an 'accessibility hour' from 11 til 12. This is a chance for anyone who, for whatever reason, can't attend when Zinefest is crowded. We'll have no music and try to maintain a low-stimulation environment.

Then, from 12 til 4, we'll open to the public, and get cranking. This year, we're trying something new: asking stallholders to price all their zines at $5 or less. Make sure you bring cash and pick up some of the best self-published materials by very talented local creatives.

Winter Zine Market is a smaller zine market, held in between our bigger annual Zinefest markets.

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Poster by Archie Fitzgerald


Download poster file:

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Winter Zine Market is a smaller market event we run each year. Last year, it was a market entirely for newbies. This time we've booked more tables, and it's open to everyone.

Winter Zine Market can still be great for newbies, because it offers zinemakers a sample of what having a stall at our bigger events is like, without the bigger crowds who visit our larger Wellington Zinefest market event held later in the year.

We encourage stallholders to think of Winter Zine Market as a safe space for trying new things, experimenting with your stall design, seeing whats popular and maybe even making a tiny profit.

All zines for sale must align with the Wellington Zinefest Code of Conduct. Stalls will be $10 each - this covers the cost to hire the tables. Payment instructions can be found on the registration form.

*Stall registrations are now fully booked!*

Spots are still available on the Community Table - details below.

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You'll be sharing a 2.4m long table with another stallholder, so you'll each have 1.2m to display your work.


If you've only got one or two zines to sell and are worried about not filling up a whole stall, consider team up with another person who's also only got a few things to sell and run a joint table. Or you could try out making stickers, patches, badges or other merchandise-type things to sell - as long as zines are the main focus of your table.

Stalls will be $10 each - this covers the cost to hire the tables. Payment details are on the registration form. Once you've registered, you just need to pay please deposit $10 to Wellington Zinefest 38-9011-0047753-00 , using your full name as the reference.

$5 Limit? What?

For the past few years, we've been getting feedback from customers and some stallholders that Wellington Zinefest markets are becoming prohibitively expensive.


This year, the Wellington Zinefest team decided to try out setting a price limit for all content at the Winter Market. This is an experiment to see how price impacts the market culture, and whether we can appropriately address the ongoing criticisms we receive about markets being expensive.

Our aims with the price limit are to:


  • Ensure that customers can afford to buy and sample a whole range of zines,

  • Encourage zinemakers to improvise with materials,

  • Lower expectations for stallholders around high-quality craftsmanship.

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We recognise that printing and materials are expensive, and that not everyone feels satisfied creating lo-fi zines. Our aim in not for people to be selling zines at a loss, but rather to reimagine how they produce their zines so that they are more financially accessible.


For example, if quality materials are important to you, could you instead print your zines in a smaller size? Could you break one large zine up into several smaller zines? Alternatively, could you create something new altogether which you can comfortably sell for $5 or less?

Please note that the limit is not a permanent change, and is only planned for the 2021 Winter Zine Market.

We've reviewed all the feedback submitted in the $5 Price Limit

Feedback Form and have made some observations.

Community Table

Lastly, we'll be running a community table, which is a free stall where one of our volunteers will sell other people's zines on their behalf. Zinemakers can submit their zines to sell on this stall.


In general, we encourage people to have their own stalls - it's more fun! However putting your zines on the community table is ideal if you're:

- really anxious about stallholding but also really want to show off your work,
- have only one or two small zines, and don't feel you can make use of an entire stall,
- from out of town but really want to be included.

Please note that:

- the Community Table is exclusively for zines (we won't sell stickers, prints or other related materials),
- we accept a maximum of three zines from each zinemaker,
- all zines will need to be priced $5 or less (in keeping with the market's price limit).

To have your zines on the community table, you'll need to first get them to us. You can either:

- bring them to us on the day, between 10:30 and 11:30 am, or

- post them to us at: Wellington Zinefest, 105 Rakau Road, Hataitai, Wellington 6021.

You'll also need to tell us how much your zines cost. Our volunteer will keep track of all of the sales. Once the market's finished, we'll add up all of your sales and transfer the takings your bank account.

You can pick up your unsold zines at the end of the market. Unfortunately, we can't return unsold zines through the post. Any unsold zines which haven't been collected at the end of the day will be added to the Wellington Zinefest zine library.

Winter Zine Market is possible thanks to the support of Wellington City Council, Victoria University and Creative New Zealand.