As part of our Zine101 online zinemaking course, Wellington Zinefest are awarding one talented emerging zinemaker a scholarship just to produce zines.


Applying for the scholarship

To apply for Zine101, you'll need to watch our tutorial videos and complete the assignments given by our tutors. You'll then need to fill out the form on this page, submit your work and answer a few questions. You can also submit physical copies of your assignments in an assignment dropbox at the Newbies Market.

Your assignments are the main criteria we'll be using to evaluate submissions.

We encourage you to submit at as many of the assignments as you can. You don't need to complete them all. But the more you submit, the more we know about what you are like as a zinemaker. Whether they're excellent or not, putting work into your assignments shows the kind of commitment we're looking for.

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We're conscious that not everyone has the same resources and experiences which are useful to make zines. Because of this, we're not overly concerned with the production quality of your assignments. We're more interested in the ideas expressed, the work involved and the keenness you've demonstrated.

Other things that will make your application strong:


Holding a stall a the Newbies Market​.

Zine101 is designed to let people fall in love with the weird world of zines, and markets are a big part of that.  Holding a stall at the Newbies Market shows that you're down to make your work public. 


Tagging @WellingtonZinefest in what you're up to.

If you're making zines, watching tutorials, completing assignments... let us know! If we can see what you're up to, it shows us you are keen. If your account is private we might not get notified about your tags, so if we don't reply please don't be disappointed!

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How much tho?

The total scholarship is $1,000.


We'll pay this in two instalments - $500 upon awarding the scholarship, and another $500 after fulfilling the scholarship brief.


After being awarded the Zine101 Scholarship, the winner will be asked to produce three unique zines. Wellington Zinefest will work with the scholarship winner to promote and distribute these zines. The winner will also be given a stall at this year's Wellington Zinefest to sell their work.



There's a few rules about who's eligible for the scholarship. Applicants must be:

  • living in Aotearoa New Zealand,

  • able to attend and hold a stall at this year's Wellington Zinefest in Wellington on October 10 and 11.

Who decides?​

After looking over all of the submissions, the scholarship recipient will be decided by the Zine101 tutors and course facilitators. All submissions will remain private and used only for the scholarship review process.

Newbies Market is possible thanks to the support of Wellington City Council, Victoria University and Creative New Zealand.